MK Raplinger 4-5-19 Headshot Forest
Photography by MK Raplinger

Nicholas Osborn creates music to bring people closer together in a persistently divisive world. Nicholas’s music combines elements of classical, jazz, and video game genres, among others, to create unique sound worlds. While he primarily focuses on art music composition, Nicholas has also scored a short student film, made in collaboration with filmmakers and dancers, and is always looking for opportunities to collaborate with artists of different disciplines.

Nicholas’ works have been performed for various student recitals throughout Michigan and Ohio and during the 2018 Squirrel Island Chapel Summer Concert Series in Maine.

Nicholas is a member of the Millennium Composer’s Initiative, the Society of Composers, Inc., and the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

In 2018, Nicholas earned a Bachelor of Music degree in music theory/composition from Central Michigan University. Currently, Nicholas is pursuing a Master of Music degree in music composition at Bowling Green State University under the instruction of Marilyn Shrude.

List of Performances